EN-RU Video Game Translator
I love video games. I translate them into Russian. It's that simple. Also a VO wannabe and a History PhD
Alexander translated Broken Sword 5 into Russian. He was highly diligent, and easy to work with, going beyond the job contracted to offer advice on cultural and other issues. I would highly recommend him.
Charles Cecil, Revolution Software
Do you want your game to be more popular?
Translate it into Russian
I have a vast game localisation experience. Mostly in adventure games
Do you know that Russian is #3 language on Steam?
I think that's no-brainer
What people say about me
Russian game market is a market worth trying.
Obviously EFIGS is not enough
What you get from hiring me
Why I might be a perfect candidate for a job. Even if you want to translate a pigeon dating sim
Quality Translation
I am a gamer myself and I know at first hand how a bad translation could ruin a game. That is why I deliver quality Russian translations
In my work I try to avoid any kind of mistakes, and if I make one I am looking for it with all my wit and sinew. I also hate misspelling and bad punctiation
Additional Services
Sometimes a translation is not enough to make a good localisation. Cyrillic fonts, graphic materials, handmade toys. I can make it all — you name it
Russia covers about one-eighth of the world. Let alone the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. They speak Russian too

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